Vyncke from Harelbeke is the ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ 2016. For the 22nd time in a row EY, in collaboration with De Tijd and BNP Paribas Fortis, organised ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’. Vyncke was successful in the final, competing with Boma International (Antwerp), Gemaco Group (Mechelen) and LVD Group (Gullegem). The award was presented by Federal Vice Premier and Minister of Work, Economy and Consumers, in charge of Foreign Trade, Kris Peeters. 

Vyncke was founded in 1912 by Louis Vyncke. More than 100 years and four generations later, Peter and Dieter Vyncke are continuing their great-grandfather’s work.

Vyncke designs and builds industrial energy plants for the conversion of biomass waste flows into green energy. Vyncke’s roots lie in Belgium, but the company has grown into a global player with establishments in Brazil, Germany, Canada, the US, the Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Singapore. Vyncke realised revenues of 100 million euro in 2015 and employs 335 people. CEO Peter Vyncke received the award from Federal Vice Premier and Minister of Work, Economy and Consumers, in charge of Foreign Trade, Kris Peeters.

In the context of the award ceremony for the ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’, MediaGeniX won the ‘Prijs van de Vlaamse Regering voor de Beloftevolle Onderneming van het Jaar’ 2016. The other nominees were e-BO Enterprises, Multiplicom and REstore. Flemish Minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports Philippe Muyters presented the award to Dirk Debraekeleer, CEO of MediaGeniX. MediaGeniX is the 11th laureate to receive this award, following Destiny from Zaventem.

MediaGenix, established in 1992, is the European market leader in broadcast management systems. The company develops and implements WHATS’On, Europe’s most advanced broadcast management system. WHATS’On is used on a daily basis by 65 media groups for 1,700 radio, TV and online video channels in Europe, the Middle East, the US, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. MediaGenix employs 130 people and realised revenues of 21 million euro in 2015. The company won the ‘Leeuw van de Export 2016’ award for its excellent export results.

An award for Belgian companies which distinguish themselves

EY has organised the ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ award since 1995. The award highlights Belgian companies that distinguish themselves through their innovative approach, bold international vision, strategy, healthy financial position, dedicated teamwork, good governance, ambition and determination to continue to grow.


This is the 22nd time we have had the honour of presenting the ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ award to a successful Belgian company that is an example of bold entrepreneurship. Vyncke fits perfectly into the already impressive series of laureates. This family business has achieved impressive sustainable international growth over the last 5 years. Even in difficult times, the organisation has managed to pursue its ambition and continue to grow, with infectious optimism and by doing business responsibly. In Vyncke, the jury has elected a worthy holder of the title ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’”, commented Rudi Braes, CEO and Chairman of EY Belgium.


Vyncke is the 22nd name on the impressive list of winners in recent years, with in addition to DEME (2015), Katoen Natie (2014), Willemen Groep (2013), La Lorraine Bakery Group (2012), Soudal (2011), Taminco (2010), Studio 100 (2009), Cartamundi (2008), Groep H. Essers (2007), Metris (2006), Option (2005), Deceuninck (2004), Miko (2003), Omega Pharma (2002), Resilux (2001), Melexis (2000), Sioen Industries (1999), Compex (1998), Icos Vision Systems (1997), ECA (1996) and Real Software (1995).


Vyncke is an international, but very authentic company that has grown into an international player in a short period of time. Its long-term vision convinced the jury that Vyncke’s approach demonstrates responsible capitalism. This family business has adopted a stringent corporate governance culture for years, with great social responsibility. The fourth generation is now at the helm and also has a strong social drive. Vyncke’s passion, excellent results and impressive potential lead us to name it ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ 2016.” explains Count Paul Buysse, president of the jury.


MediaGenix emerges as young promising company

In addition to the award of ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ 2016, the presentation of the ‘Prijs van de Vlaamse Regering voor de Beloftevolle Onderneming van het Jaar’ 2016 also took place. The Flemish Government aims with this prize to reward a rapidly growing company in full development for its performance and to motivate it for the future. MediaGenix was chosen as the winner by the jury. The other finalists were e-BO Enterprises, Multiplicom and REstore.


“MediaGenix has resolutely pursued digitalisation in the media sector, which has been under pressure from new technologies for years. Accordingly, it demonstrates that companies in Flanders can undergo a successful transformation and that “disruption” doesn’t just create losers, but also many winners. MediaGenix has a very clear focus and listens closely to its customers. In this way, the company always remains a step ahead of its competitors and, despite the rapid pace of technological change, has built up an impressive and very loyal international customer base. MediaGenix has excelled in a sector in which only a few Flemish companies achieve successful internationalisation. MediaGenix is highly profitable and can rely on a strong balance sheet. That means it is well placed for further growth”, explains Geert Noels, president of the jury. 

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