• Launch of Benelux card significantly increases the refuelling options in the Netherlands and Luxembourg
  • Strong expansion of petrol station network for Belgian fleet customers due to Power and OCTA+ partnership: from 188 to 460 sites


30 June 2016, Vilvoorde – On 1 July 2016 LUKOIL, launches the Benelux card aimed at facilitating cheap refuelling options across borders. Fleet customers will not only be able to fill up cheaply in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Thanks to the strong expansion strategy of the past years in the Benelux, with the takeover of 19 Auto Maas petrol stations in the Netherlands last year, LUKOIL currently has about 260 petrol stations in the Benelux. In addition, companies with a LUKOIL Fleet Card can also fill up at Power and OCTA+ stations and vice versa. Thanks to this partnership agreement, the LUKOIL Fleet Cards will then be accepted in more than 460 stations in Belgium, which means a huge expansion. 

Cheap refuelling across the Benelux

On 1 July 2016, LUKOIL launches the Benelux card which allows fleet customers to refuel cheaply not only in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. LUKOIL has about 70 sites in the Netherlands, complemented with the petrol stations of refuelling partners Tamoil (135 stations), DCBerkel (23 stations) and De Meeuw (4 stations). In Luxembourg, companies can fill up at two additional LUKOIL petrol stations.


Bulat Subaev, Managing Director LUKOIL Western Europe, said: “The expansion of our Benelux network has been a strategic focus for us for some years now. After the takeover in 2012 of the Verolma Group; and the petrol stations of Rotonde and Oeral in Belgium in 2013, we have also taken over 19 Auto Maas petrol stations in the Netherlands last year. This brings the total now to 263 own Benelux petrol stations. We think it is important that our customers with the LUKOIL Benelux card can take advantage of the attractive LUKOIL prices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. We aim to offer our best prices for quality fuels, in combination with an excellent customer service.” 


Partnership with Power and OCTA+ in Belgium

In order to offer customers more options with the LUKOIL Fleet Card, the fuel card for businesses will also be accepted in all Power and OCTA+ stations as of 1 July 2016. Similarly, Power and OCTA+ customers will be able to refuel at all LUKOIL petrol stations. This is the first partnership agreement for LUKOIL in Belgium. This partnership means a strong expansion of the refuelling options for companies in Belgium: from 188 to 460 sites.

With this partnership, LUKOIL wishes to expand its presence in different Belgian regions. Power has 101 Belgian petrol stations in our country, most of which are in the Westhoek, Mouscron and coast regions. OCTA+ has 176 Belgian petrol stations, mainly below the Charleroi-Liège connecting line.


Bulat Subaev, Managing Director LUKOIL Western Europe, said: “With the expansion of our LUKOIL Fleet Card to Power and Octa+ stations, we can offer our customers an excellent service in regions where we used to be less represented before. In the Netherlands we have been using partnership agreements for some time, and our services have definitely benefited from them. With this new agreement, the refuelling options for companies in Belgium become even more attractive.”


Practical information

To apply for the Benelux card and the adjustment of the LUKOIL Fleet Card in the context of the partnership with Power and OCTA+, LUKOIL customers can call or mail the fleet call centre (open from Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, tel. +32 (0)2 254 16 41, email



LUKOIL is an international vertically integrated oil company operating in 35 countries on four continents: Europe, Africa, Nord-Amercia and Asia. LUKOIL is one of the largest private listed oil and gas companies in the world. In terms of proven oil reserves, LUKOIL is responsible for about 2% of the oil production worldwide. The equity is traded on the stock exchanges of the UK, Russia, the US and Germany, with the majority of shares held by the minority shareholders.

LUKOIL has been operating in Europe for more than 15 years, activities ranging from the exploration and refining of oil and gas to the realisation of the end product for the customer. The company is also active in power supply and renewable energy. In terms of downstream activities, LUKOIL today serves 4 refineries and about 1,500 petrol stations in Europe. In 2007, LUKOIL became active in the Benelux market, taking over of 157 JET petrol stations in Belgium and Luxembourg. Since then, LUKOIL has strengthened its presence on this market, due in particular to the participation in the Zeeland Refinery in Vlissingen in 2009. 2012 marked the takeover of 59 petrol stations of the Verolma Group and in 2013, 21 Rotonde petrol stations were taken over. Early 2015 LUKOIL took over 19 Auto Maas stations in the Netherlands. 

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